"when you find me" (A Short Fim By Ron Howard)

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And directed by his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard.

I'm sure some of you have seen the commercial for Canon about the short film they did in collaboration with Ron Howard. When I watched the commerical I thought it was rubbish that Ron Howard was "used" to help sell cameras. Anyhow I was still intrigued and and I finally sat down and watched it, and never press the pause button once. If you get a chance please watch it, for it was very nicely done.



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That was pretty good!

That was lovely

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I loved it, way to make me cry Waka.

Also the picture at 24.43 is beautiful. I want it.

This one.

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Very nice, like the contrast

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Very nice, like the contrast between the colors and the metal of the plane.


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I just bawled my eyes out watching this. It made me miss my mommy so much. :(

Aww Iky

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I wondered all along if this was how I behaved to my little brothers when I was younger and didnt want to go into great detail about why my dad had died, with him. He couldnt understand where heaven was and when was Daddy coming back. It used to break my heart trying to explain so I just ended up saying I didnt want to talk about it. This is a wonderful film, I think it really captured the feelings of being so young and losing someone so close. I miss my daddy as much as you miss your mum. x

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