Soon Everyone Will Have a Blog

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And then your failure will be complete....


A blog? This sounds deeply

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A blog? This sounds deeply familiar and exciting. and I'm tired. lol.

What's your user picture from?

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I don't recognize it but it reminds me of michael turner's work.

It's from an LJ site, Icon

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It's from an LJ site, Icon Teahouse I think. It reminds me a lot of Delirium from Sandman. Could well be Michael Turner.

Say what?

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I already have a blog. It's just not on *this* site. :P

i iz in your blog

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readin yur posts.

oh noes!

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I'm a terrible slacker when it comes to updating, and I back-post. A lot. But it's mostly about WoW, and the guild, and my life. Kinda like a personal journal of my online activities I guess. :)