Now Girls Can Write Their Names In Snow With Their Pee

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i WANT one so bad!!!

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as messed up as the advertisment is, those are totally awesome! what a bloody good idea! kotex or tampax or someone should take that idea....

one problem i see with this:

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what do you wipe with?


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If your gonna pee standing up

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If your gonna pee standing up you better learn to shake it


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werent you telling us that your wife use to roll down the window in your car and "go"??

No.. I said my wife could

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No.. I said my wife could pissing in a wine bottle without missing.. I said I had "seen" a girl pissing out a car window.


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it should be shaped more like a penis, however nao women can enjoy the convenience of peeing in bottles, during rush hour, raiding, just cause you can...


is nothing sacred?



Here Ya Go Sio

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Look at the P-Mate Animation Demo Video, looks similar to a penis to me. Lol

I once stood next to a girl

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I once stood next to a girl who manually manipulated herself to pee as such. She had pretty good range too.


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Pics or it didn't happen!

And Soaps when the hell are you gonna start standing in fire again?!? Slacker....


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Funny how RL gets brought into a "woman  standing and peeing thread"


I's actually love to start raiding, but sadly <not really> RL has me quite busy.

my Businesses

the RCFE's are clearing roughly 20k a month profit, which means upgrading the houses to the best they can possibly be, new flooring, mounting new TV's on the walls etc.

the Referral service thus far hasn't slowed down since halloween of last year, and it's doing 30k net each month, yesterday in just 2 hours i made 1500.00, some days 4-5k...

Business is doing really well, and so is the IRS



then the Projects...

still working on the 1960 beetle

getting the body ready for Paint on that 1995 eclipse gsx

and restoring a 1974 Honda 550 four Motorcycle that belonged to my dad.


my day starts at 7am, and usually doesn't end until 1 am


then theres the new spawn that's arriving at the end of March, so i'm trying to clear that plate before the next helping comes.




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Penis envy.


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This is legit.


Not sure how many people would hit the "Like" button though for its Facebook link, lol.


Army has similar things they

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Army has similar things they give to females in Iraq (at least they did).  Back when the biggest fear was long convoys - they pretty much told everyone to pack a bottle and pee while driving, cause we aren't stopping.  Neat to see a commercial application.  The Army ones were plastic.

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