More Dragon Age

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Ya I'm  promoting this game, the only other game I can recall that had this coolnes factor was when Ultima IV came out.

Here are some fan made videos, when I say there is a huge following of this game I am not joking.



Yes you can have sex with characters in this game, if you play a male character Morrigan is one possibility :P

Werewolve Cutscene

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Thar be wolves in this game...small spoiler alert though :P


Sloth Demon - Entering The Dream

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This is where I am at a dream.

It is a puzzle/battle area where you try and find your companions who are also stuck in their own dreams/nightmare put upon them by the demon.


Bunny Pig Pet

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I guess you can also give this as a pet to the bard companion, not sure yet if you can have it as a pet.



Dragon Age - Deathblows

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Wish they would have these in WoW :)

My main is a Warrior/Templar/Champion who speced in most of the 2 hander talents.

Love the reverse thrust kill :)


Haven't been lucky enough to get a dragon death blow, lol



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