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So the VA finally sent me to have a discogram to find out whats wrong with my back (only took them 6 years).  It seems i have a large tear in the disc between L4/L5 and a small one between L5/S1.  They are going to refer me to a neuro surgeon.

my question is this.  the doctor said the neuro would probably end up doing a spinal fusion.  Do any of you know much about this procedure?  whats the downtime, time to go back to work, success rates?

obviously i am nervous about it and thats if the neuro decides thats what he wants to do but the doctor said he is pretty sure that will be what the neuro will do.

My parents had this both done

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and they were down about a month (give or take).

WebMD has a decent write up on it.

I just want to clarify one

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I just want to clarify one thing- is a discogram the same thing as a singing telegram, but with more sequins and Bee Gees? 

Damn, I have another question

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Damn, I have another question - is spinal fusion as awesome as it sounds? Will you have the power to generate vast amounts of clean energy? Can you pay extra for for spinal fission? 


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If PT hasn't helped and a neurosurgeon thinks he can help you, consider it strongly.  Direct all these questions and more to him.  Neurosurgeons are always short on time to write out all questions before your visit and make sure you ask them all before you leave. 

  YES THIS YES!!! Write

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YES THIS YES!!! Write them down so you don't forget to ask one....


Bring friend/lover/spouse/child(older who can write legibly)/etc (Please make sure it isn't all the same person...4/5 is ok as long as the 4th isn't included in with the 2nd/3rd...Just sayin) who can write fast and who you can read their writting. Yes...very important...someone to write down the answers...very very important....


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Don't be all offended,

like some of the above was supposed to be humorous..some of it...

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