!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME: MP DLC FOR FREE!!!!!

kibito's picture

Batarian Soldier
Geth Inflitrator
Geth Engineer
Asari Justicar Adept!!!!
Batarian Sentinel
Krogan Vanguard!!!!

3 new maps!

New weapons and all for free!!!!


oops... typo

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2 new maps. I love how the batarian swings the harpoon gun for his melee on the cannibal.


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This is the first game I really enjoyed multiplayer, probably because its more of a co-op and not a team vs team. I'm glad they're expanding the multiplayer, but I'm hoping they don't neglect the regular game. I really want to see some more missions (both big and small) and would love to visit a few more planets too.

I would really love if they put a DLC in that you help Aria take back Omega from Cerberus :)


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I didn't get anything new out of 11 spectre packs. RNG hates me. Always has, always will. I did manage to get a M-99 Sabre and a Carnifex III out of those 11 packs though. Oh!!! And Asari Adept class Training!!! WOOO!! Secondary color unlocked!

It has taken me over 60

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It has taken me over 60 spectre packs to unlock the asari adept. I have no secondary colours or any of that, just the class. I'd maxed out every single other rare level class in customization before I even managed to unlock the asari adept. Goddamn RNG.


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well it is a really strong class. Biotic explosions + stasis. You're gonna love it!

I just want the Geth Eng or Asari Justicar.

I unlocked the asari adept

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I unlocked the asari adept sometime over the weekend. I'm presonally not too big on stasis, as I mainly use the armour reduction ability combined with throw to destroy in huge masses. I also unlocked both the geth engineer and the asari justicar when I got home from school :D


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Those are the only 2 I want. /cry

Pretty much same here, except

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Pretty much same here, except I also want the krogan battlemaster. I wouldn't mind the geth infiltrator, but infiltrators are just about the most boring class in the entire series. Also, batarians are butt ugly.

class abilities

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Just want I saw from the class selection screen.


Asari Justicar: Reave, Pull, Biotic Sphere

Krogan Vanguard: Biotic Charge, Carnage, Barrier

Batarian Soldier: Ballistic Blades, Blade Armor,Inferno Grenades

Batarian Sentinel: Blade Armor, Submission Net, Shockwave

Geth Infiltrator: Hunter Mode, Cloak, Proximity Mine

Geth Engineer: Hunter Mode, Geth Turret, Overload


A vanguard that has twice as

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A vanguard that has twice as much health/shield as everyone else, can't wait to see that in action lol.


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and barrier restores shields too? Un-friggin-killable.


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Definitely a support class with the turret giving back shields. I'm loving it though!!! And his heavy melee is interesting, he does that shield thing and keeps it up but it drains his shields. Oh and he's totally opposite of a drell all shields and no health. like 750 shields and 250 health. so once shields go, you're dead if someone sneezes on you.

I was having fun with the Batarian Soldier

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and Sent last night. Ballistic Blades is like having a shotgun (with stagger) and the Sent's net is kinda fun. Was using the net a few times last night and then walking up using the Batarians heavy melee ability (and would mostly one shot whatever I hit).

Heavy Melee Shown at 2:10

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Love the sound it makes, lol.

Also that is the Geth SMG he uses to "kill" the banshee's barrier.



one shot?

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you playing on bronze or silver?

Oh and apparently the spectre packs were bugged right after they released the DLC. So, I spent 660k credits and never had a chance to get the new stuff. /annoyed


Both :)

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In bronze Batarians hit like a Mack Truck, in silver they do less damage but still hit for a ton.

Also got the Asari Justicar Adept today when I bought a Vetrean pack O.o Actually she has become on of my favs now because of her shield ability. She makes a great support class becuase of it as well damage potential (you can setup the shield to cast Warp if a enemy walks in it thus making some nice biotic explosions :)  )

Why you....

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It's the only class I really want other than my Geth engineer! Yeah I've read on the bioware forums thats what ppl are doing using the shield offensively. I could see someone placing at a choke point and running back to cover and spamming reave. ouchies. Or reaving ppl up and then placing a shield.

Still love the Geth Turret though. I think the shield regen is a real life saver. I love hearing someone yell out, "Shields down!" and seeing my turret zap them for 525 shield backs. hehe


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so what did you name your batarian?

I named my geth engineer Johnny 5. :D

Lol, nice

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I named him

Koresh as in David Koresh, lol.


kibito's picture


I just unlocked asari justicar as well

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It's definitely really neat. I think the Drell adept still fits my playstyle a bit more, but the shield definitely comes in handy on those hacking objectives.

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