Mastodon "Oblivion" Covers

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Two different takes on this awesome song, one an acoustic cover and the other done with piano.

Both are pretty damn good :)


The guitar player on the acoustic version is kinda blah, but that girl's voice is what makes the video




The original

The acoustic Piano version


Another Mastodon Song

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The Thickening.

One comment on Youtube has a decent description of this :)


0:00 - 1:33 = Rush

1:33 - 4:31 = Rush on crank.

The piano one was great.  She

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The piano one was great.  She made it sound really different, made it beautiful.  The other, wow my ears are bleeding.  The girl is alright.  The guitar was crap.  Sounded terrible and he kept messing up.  Wasn't like he was playing a difficult version either.

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