Italian water ice

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Let us just say that if italian water ice was illegal, I would be a corner whore picking up loose change to buy this from a dealer...I like it that much..However, the store bought boxes do run alittle expensive when not on sale...around 5-7bucks for 6 ( I can eat a half dozen on a good saturday playing swtor )

1 package Kool-Aid----little over a dollar

1 package Jello ----.70 cents

1 package 8 ounce plastic cups--200 for 2 bucks

2 cups boiling water

2 cups cold water

1/2 cup sugar

------------make sure you have the same flavor for each..I havent tried mixing yet


Mix kool-aid, sugar and jello in a mixing bowl..Pour in boiling water and mix...when completely mixed, pour in cold water and mix some more. Pour mixture into a container that is easy to pour out of. Pour equal amounts into plastic cups..I just eye ball it to half way on the plastic cups..Place into the freezer, the freezer door makes an excellent space to place these. It should make about 7-10 servings depending on your pour..Let freeze for about 4 hours and ENJOY !!