How to play music in mumble

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Can anyone explain to me like i am an idiot how you set up mumble to play audio files off of your computer...

From my understanding Moo

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you need either 2 music cards like Mr. Pox has.


A program that lets you do this that Mr. Tranq has.

tal has done it to.. not sure

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tal has done it to.. not sure how.. me needs to know


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I key my mic and play the music off my laptop sitting here on the desk in front of me. I'd love to automate it.

Well you only need 2 sound

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Well you only need 2 sound cards if you want to also hear and listen to people in mumble.  I can say that mumble is much more difficult to do this on compared to Ventrilo.  The actual easiest way is to have a 2nd computer like a laptop connected to the mumble server.  We will call your regular computer main and you 2nd computer music.


Main computer connect to mumble as normal

Music computer connect under a different name.  

Music computer uses Stereo Mix as its Input Device in the mumble settings.

Music computer mutes itself and has the volume in the output tab set to 0

Main computer mutes music computer in mumble (optional but you probably want it so you don't hear the music from the 2nd computer and from mumble with a 5 second delay)

Any sound that music computer plays will be transmitted through mumble

Keep in mind that volume through stereo mix is typically much higher than microphone volume.  Start low and move up at small increments.


This can be emulated using 1 computer and a usb headset by having 2 connections to mumble open at the same time.  You need the USB headset to actually be able to talk and listen to people in mumble.  The other mumble instance running on your computer uses the settings from above from the Music computer.  Mumble really really hates doing this and constantly changes the configurations of both copies running each time you start mumble up.

the way I used to do it in

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the way I used to do it in Vent, I used a program called virtual audio cable or something, which virtually looped output into a line in.

then I'd use two instances of Vent, with two usernames. The second one used the VAC has its input.


But I don't do it in mumble because it equalizes volume. With vent, I could play the music softly so people could still hear.

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