Guild Re-introduction: Gixxy!

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Natural Order Introduction

I just wanted to write out another application, since I've been gone so very long. With craziness at work (have had most of our staff quit and now both of our doctors of over 20 years are leaving, too) and home (house hunting..Mr working on his doctorate) I just haven't had the time or energy to play. There were some other factors that left me not really wanting to log on... but it appears that those 'factors' are gone now.

So, thanks so much for having me back.. :)

Tell us about your character(s)....

1. Your Main
Name: Gixxy
Class: Paladin
Level: 81, going on 10
Primary Spec: Holy
Off-spec: Ret

2. What alts, if any, do you have that you also wish to join the guild? (same format as above)

Oh, many various forms of Gixxii. Also, Yes, who desperately needs a name change. :/

Tell us about your gaming history...

3. What previous and current MMO's have you/do you play? Actually started on The Realm...ugh:

after that, Ultima Online (Pacific server, haaaay!) for a long, long time... Everquest for a while after that, and then WoW. In between all of those I've tried just about every other mmorpg, but none of those stuck.

4. Describe what makes a good gamer, in your opinion: Well, thats a tough one... I know people who play 18 hours a day, raid constantly, and know everything there is to know about WoW...does that make them a 'good gamer'? I think balancing your real life with your gaming life is most important. (Of course, actually PLAYING the game is required to be a good gamer... I need to work on that... teehee.)

5. On a scale of 1 to 10 tell us how good a gamer are you, and why? Oh holy crap... 2 maybe? I'm sad to say my large gaps in playing have left me in the dust. :(  So much has changed about my class, and the world in general... I have a lot of catching up to do, I'm afraid.

6. Have you been in any other guilds, specifically in WoW and on Farstriders? How about in other games or on other servers? Which? Why did you, or why are you leaving them? I was in a guild on Ultima that had some really amazing people in it... NO reminds me a lot of those guys.. like a family. On WoW I was in Cryptic Intent until it imploded with a guild master hissy fit. I also once tried to create my own Alliance guild when I was messing around on a Draenai... Tentacle Cupcake did not make it, unfortunately.

7. What do you like to do with your time in WoW? At the moment I just quest mostly... trying to relearn my class a bit. Assuming I can become a semi-efficient pally again; I hope to do much pvp'ing and maybe eventually get back into a little raiding when I'm needed. Back when I did raid and actually go into dungeons, I had a blast...and I miss it, but I with my sad little atrophied paladin, I'm very uneasy about that stuff right now.

Talk to us about Natural Order...

8. How did you hear about Natural Order? Oh wow... well... way back in 2007 I think.. I saw Q one day in Booty Bay, roleplaying about something or other. I thought it was kind of funny, and I somehow wandered to the guild site. Everyone seemed so down to earth and laid back, I thought about joining... but with all of my old guildmates splattered across the server, I was shy and sacred to join by myself. So... I got drunk one night and randomly whispered Q for an invite. I think. Hell, I don't remember.

9. Is there a current member of Natural Order who could reference you in a good or bad way? (Who?) See Euph/Mel for good reference. See Tranq for bad and completely untrue reference.

10. Have you read all of the posts in the About Natural Order section of the forum? (this is very important to us) Psh.. I read them when they were still inscribed on stone tablets.

11. What are your expectations? What do you think you will gain from joining Natural Order, and why are you applying? I expect to laugh a lot, go on drunken pvp runs, and endure mild harrassment.

12. What do you think you can bring to the guild? Why are we going to be happy you joined us? Well, I'm a team player and a good multi-tasker... I'm self motivated, eager to learn and can type 80 wpm. My one flaw might be that I'm TOO efficent. Oh shit wait...wrong app.

13. If you are interested in 25 man raiding with us, what are your available nights and times for 25 man raids? This will be on the back burner for a while, but we'll see how things go in the future. 

14. If you are interested in raiding with us, are you willing to build a secondary set on this character, and respec as necessary (generally to dps) if the raid needs it, without bitching excessively? If I was part of NO's raiding adventures, I wouldn't mind respeccing to dps... but I don't have the foggiest idea how to tank. You'll get heals or smacks, thats it!

Tell us about you...

15. Do you meet our age requirement? Oh for sure.

16. How old are you, if you don't mind us asking? Didn't your mother teach you never to ask a woman that question?!

17. If we had a party in real life, what would you bring? Cupcakes!

18. Do you know what parachute pants are? Oh yes.

19. If the answer to 18 is yes, did you ever own any? I did not... however, I did own a hideous "Blossom" style hat that led to daily beatings from my brothers.

20. If the answer to 19 is yes, do you still own them?

21. If the answer to 20 is yes, dear god why?

22. Pick one: Moist or Cornbread. Yeah, thanks to you guys, the 'm' word story got spread around my work... their favorite thing to say to me now is 'moist goiter' God damn it.

23. Are you married? I am! I'm actually a high school principal's wife. Apparently this means I am supposed to wear bulky applique sweaters and ill-fitting jeans. :(

24. If so does your spouse or partner play games, too? If they don't, how do they feel about you playing games? He does play... but he's Alliance, and therefore dead to me. At one point we made a gnome as a joke for his 60-something year old mom (as she looks just like a gnome) and she somehow became addicted. She plays all day every day, raids much more than I ever did, and at family gatherings talks of WoW only. Its completely bizzarre! (On a side note; just remember that the hot young college chick you've been erp'ing with could very well be somebody's grandmother.....)

25. Do you have kids? What ages? No kids, I'm afraid... I'm still waiting for my super-sperm  donation from Cullie, the fertility god. I do have two rescued furry kids: a tabby named Bruni Bagnose, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Pickles.

26. What activities or hobbies do you have other than gaming? Drawing, photography, baking pretty things and talking about working out yet not actually doing much of it.

Now for the Natural Order SAT...

Read the following dialog.

Mary: Did the family go into town to look for _________ lost dog?
Joe: I heard they checked the pound, but he wasn't __________!
Mary: Yeah after they didn't find him ____________ very despondent.
Joe: Oh yeah lol

27. Fill in the blanks above with the following options...

they were
they are

I'm Texan. We use ya'll for everything. Its easier that way.

28. Which one or more of the following in the dialog is not a punctuation mark

a) .
b) ?
c) lol
d) !
e) none of the above

29. Please name all of the required AddOns for Natural Order raiding: Okay, I figured Omen and DBM... I forgot about EPGP and such.

30. Do you like Kipling?

a) Yes.
b) No.
c) I'm a vegetarian.
d) I don't know. I've never kipled.

e) I like the Kipling backpacks, with the little monkeys on them.

31. What is the name of the voice over IP application that we use during raids?

Well apparently, thats even changed since I last played... Mumble, yes?

32. How spicy do you want your food prepared, on a scale of 1 to 10? Not a spicy food fan, but I can eat a whole jar of candied jalapenos any day.

33. Who is the current President of the United States? Meester Obama

34. Divide 546 by 47 to two places, without using a calculator

a) 10.45
b) 11.62
c) 12.34
d) I used a calculator
e) I was told there would be no math.

f) I used an abacus and got three red balls, two green and a blue.

35. What is a hectocotylus? (it's ok you can Google this one) Yikes. I'm at work, and this sounds like a Jaleika animal penis kind of thing. I'm afraid to google it.

In B4 Tranq!

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35. What is a hectocotylus? (it's ok you can Google this one) Yikes. I'm at work, and this sounds like a Jaleika animal penis kind of thing. I'm afraid to google it.

Impressive. Why use Google when you can reach into Jaleika's brain for the answer?

33. Who is the current President of the United States? Meester Obama

Somebody needs to re-read the Rules Bible :P

(On a side note; just remember that the hot young college chick you've been erp'ing with could very well be somebody's grandmother.....)

I hope so! Old chicks are hawt.


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33. Who is the current President of the United States? Meester Obama

Somebody needs to re-read the Rules Bible :P


Well shit. The old rock carving rules didn't have any trick questions! Can I change my answer to Obama O's?


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Bad And Untrue, Eh?

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Gixx is a wonderful person and an excellent addition to the guild.




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My secret ingredient is greasy whale milk!

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I did submit these to the winter holiday dessert contest or whatever the hell Blizz has going now. I figured I'd better start playing again or they might disqualify me.


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"greasy whale milk" is a euphemism for ???


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Manchowder from the one-eyed spitting trouser trout.


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Wait....wait a sec... don't I know you?!


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Yeah, I'm probably one of "those factors" you mentioned.



Oh pshaw

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You were one of the good ones ;)


Other than the offensive body odor...

I don't know guys

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She seems shifty on her app, like she knows what to tell us to get in.

<.< >.>

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Well I've only read a thousand apps in the past.

Okay, here's the deal: I've been gone a long time... if you don't like it, bite me. Technically I'm sort of grandfathered into the guild so you have no choice but to let me in. I *will* sing at drunken karaoke pvp extravaganza if I've have enough vodka.

There are three simple reasons to guild me. I should just delete my lovely, well thought-out application.

4th reason... Anyone that can

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4th reason...

Anyone that can pull off a Mr. T beard like gix can should get an insta invite.

Not to mention...

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We've been lacking karaoke at our Drunken PvPs...I think...can't say I remember many. With the exception of Malkys gung ho 10 man raid on IF and me passing out in the middle of Deathwhisper when Drunken PvP night abruptly turned into Drunken ICC night...this was also the night I left Fraps running all night only to wake up with 50 MB left on a 2 TB hard drive.

Gixx what do you do if you

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Gixx what do you do if you dont mind me asking?  the moist goiter and talking about a doc's office made me think ENT. 

Now, that should be a question on the app, yes?

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I work at an animal hospital :D

ohhhh nice... my grandfather

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ohhhh nice... my grandfather used to teach vet school at LSU.  when he retired he and my grandmother moved to st. kitts  and taught vet school there for a few years..


good thing about having him as a grandfather is i have pretty much raised most animals including skunks, opossums, mocking birds, ducks, squirrels, turtles, snakes, pretty much anything in the area.


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Uh... I don't think Gixxy is employed as perambulatory vegetation...


    <--- is not Gixxy (or, is it?)

nah thats tal

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nah thats tal

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