Guild Iintroduction: Magement

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Natural Order Introduction

Tell us about your character(s)....

 1. What games are you looking to join us in?

World of Warcraft

2. Do you have characters on our servers already? If so list the ones you have which you plan to guild. 

Name: Magement
Class: Mage ^---
Level: 85
Primary Spec: Arcane
Off-spec: none

Tell us about your gaming history...

3. What previous and current MMO's have you/do you play?

None exclusively WOW.

4. Describe what makes a good gamer, in your opinion:

Easy going, calm, collective and able to count to 10 when needed.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10 tell us how good a gamer are you, and why?

7 Don't mind reading about a particular fight and applying it in battle. I would give myself

a higher score but then when I forget to GTFO of stuff , you would know I was lying.

6. Have you been in any other guilds on servers which we play on? How about in other games or on other servers? Which? Why did you, or why are you leaving them? Basically we're looking for a basic history that you've had with guilds previously.

Yes, Prophets of the Phoenix <---moved off the server


7. What do you like to do with your time in WOW or SWTOR?

WOW Collect reagents or quest.

Talk to us about Natural Order...

8. How did you hear about Natural Order?

Just happened to spark up a conversation with Sargo a NaturalOrder guildie.

9. Is there a current member of Natural Order who could reference you in a good or bad way? (Who?)


10. Have you read all of the posts in the About Natural Order section of the forum? (this is very important to us)


11. What are your expectations? What do you think you will gain from joining Natural Order, and why are you applying?

Looking for a guild where fun reins supreme and drama is weeded out. My hope this becomes my long time home. I enjoy raiding and it appears the membership supports multiple raid possibilities.

12. What do you think you can bring to the guild? Why are we going to be happy you joined us?

Reliable attendance. As for why you will be happy I joined lets just say I wouldn't get slapped on the back of the head so often if I knew when to duck.

13. Are you interested in "end game activities" with us in any of the games we play (such as 25 man raiding in WOW)? What days are you available for these sorts of activities (generally between 9pm and 12pm Eastern Standard Time)?

Of course and times, barring RL issues, are not a problem for me.

14. If you are interested in raiding with us in WoW, are you willing to build a secondary set on this character, and respec as necessary (generally to dps) if the raid needs it, without bitching excessively?


Tell us about you...

15. Do you meet our age requirement?


16. How old are you, if you don't mind us asking?

Early retirement this is my hobby.

17. If we had a party in real life, what would you bring?

Lanfest paraphernalia

18. Do you know what parachute pants are?

Only because I read another applicants stuff along with googling them.

19. If the answer to 18 is yes, did you ever own any?

Does not apply

20. If the answer to 19 is yes, do you still own them?

Does not apply

21. If the answer to 20 is yes, dear god why?

Does not apply

22. Pick one: Moist or Cornbread.


23. Are you married?


24. If so does your spouse or partner play games, too? If they don't, how do they feel about you playing games? No and doesn't mind at all.

25. Do you have kids? What ages?


26. What activities or hobbies do you have other than gaming?


Now for the Natural Order SAT...

Read the following dialog.

Mary: Did the family go into town to look for _their_ lost dog?
Joe: I heard they checked the pound, but he wasn't _there-!
Mary: Yeah after they didn't find him _they were_ very despondent.
Joe: Oh yeah lol

27. Fill in the blanks above with the following options...

they were
they are

28. Which one or more of the following in the dialog is not a punctuation mark

C) lol (Can I use a life line)

a) .
b) ?
c) lol
d) !
e) none of the above

29. Please name all of the required AddOns for Natural Order raiding:




30. Do you like Kipling?

No quarrel with this individual.

a) Yes.
b) No.
c) I'm a vegetarian.
d) I don't know. I've never kipled.

31. What is the name of the voice over IP application that we use during raids?

Mumble (first time hearing about this one) Vent(in case you have ventured from the caves)

32. How spicy do you want your food prepared, on a scale of 1 to 10?


33. Who is the current President of the United States?


34. Divide 546 by 47 to two places, without using a calculator

Rounded 546 up to 550 and 47 to 50 and came up with 11 so guessed


a) 10.45
b) 11.62
c) 12.34
d) I used a calculator
e) I was told there would be no math.

35. What is a hectocotylus? (it's ok you can Google this one)

Reproductive organ

36. What is the most important number as far as we, Natural Order, are concerned?



No issues, but eh

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I don't see any red flags jumping out at me, but there's not a whole lot here.  Would you mind extrapolating a bit?

What do you like to do in the game?  How long you been playing?  Why on earth would you play a mage?  (worst class ever by the way)  Oh wait, NVM, I was thinking about Shaman

Magement=easy to manage + Mage

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Not a problem. Started playing the game when I found out it was a virtual world available to players 24/7. This was a dream of mine since the days of Doom and Descent where you had to hook up via modem and sometimes one players computer would serve dual purpose server and client. Also was the host of many Lanfests in my garage. When I started WOW in 2009 I was just wandering around killing and looting. Didn't know a thing about quests, dungeons much less Raids! But I liked doing it.

The mage class was impressive to me because of the beautiful colors emanating from the stream of damage directed towards the target. This was my one and only reason for selecting Arcane Mage:)


BTW it was refreshing learn you could fish, nothing like baiting the old hook and tugging on a fish. JK don't fish much.

Looks good here

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Spoke to you on Rancidazure, yesterday, I have no objections, wait the 24 hours, to give others a chance to review and then ask for an invite.

Can we rely on your wife to

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Can we rely on your wife to hit you really hard in the arm when we need you to straighten up? This is a general coulples requirement when the spouse chooses not to play.

self rely

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Not only can you count on it but if she should happen to fail I have a series of pulleys and ropes allowing for this self abuse to be administered. That’s our secret so don't tell anyone.

Welcome aboard!

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I've already invited him to the guild, just making a note here.

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