[Badge] Snap, Crackle and Pop!

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You are part of a 3v3 arena team that's actually kinda serious about arena'ing. You're not just there for points and free gearz. You might suck, so there's no rating requirement, but you do actually try and win at least.

Last season...

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... but obviously not recently.



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I am pretty sure there are a few of these going on now.


People let us know who you are!!


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Sarthonas, Khelar and I, but we haven't won a damn thing yet.  After a series of brutal defeats, we've been gearing up through BGs to try and get at least 20% dmg reduction through resilience before we try again (I'm almost there)

If only team names had power...

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Our team is the Korkron Doomicorns.  There should totally be a fear/hilarity penalty against teams we face.

Also, it's most excellent that Natural Order is now level 19; that 10% honor bonus will be a nice little boost in catching up my PvP gear (Khelar and Nerg are kicking my ass).  Thanks to Natural Order for letting me join your awesome power. :)

well then,

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I'm not sure how serious the team will be, but Mancakes and Raplesyrup was born on drunken pvp night. We're 0-2, and can only go up from there.

Mancakes FTW

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Speaking of which tomorrow weekly caps reset, I think we can actually bring Mancakes up pretty good....wait, wasn't Malgorn on that team? He just recently stopped playing :(


FTW indeed

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kk, then lets look for some healy types and get Mancakes back in action....wait, did that sound as bad as it sounds?

ooo badge!

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I never noticed this badge! i can has? I think im on 4 3v3s atm between my chars...

Bravo Alpha Delta

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B.A.D. was created last arena season by Poxumbra, Malkyrar, and myself.  We were on a roll last season, but lack of time was the real killer.  We usually did our 10 after Tuesday raid nights, but I know that if we had more time, we would push past the normal 10.  Once we hit a glass ceiling in our rating, we realized that we needed a good healer and some blood lust.  Malky switched to his shaman(Malkybebop) for the versatility.  Shortly after, we all realized that we were serious about this and Poxumbra leveled up Smegghead, his priest, for even more versatility.

This season, Bravo Alpha Delta is still alive and well.  Time is still our biggest opponent, who brought his buddies Life and Kids to kick our asses.  Still, we're slowly increasing our rating and I believe we're near 1300 atm.  I know other's in the guild have a much higher rating with their 2v2's, but this badge requires a 3v3 team, so GTFO!  j/k  I love 2's too.

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