[Badge Idea] Farstriders Native/Refugee

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Since badge ideas are coming out of the woodwork, I'll put in my 2 cents.


Everyone bitches about this server; it eats guilds, the locals on this server make other servers' populace look normal (maybe with the exception of Moon Guard :P  ), the economy is F'd up, and trade chat will make a sane person catatonic. Not to mention the locals on this server are xenophobic when a guild from a different server decides to give Farstriders a shot.

Anyone who can survive on this server would be like someone surviving on Tatooine in my opinion.


My suggestion is for anyone who has been on here for significant part of time deserves a badge :)


Tatooine Analogies To Farstriders:

- The planet built up a very bad reputation, often being viewed as the cesspool of the galaxy due to the high-level of criminals who could be found onworld.

-  "Company pulls out, cities dry up, and in a few years, someone who doesn't know why it failed, tries again."
    ―Sand Crawler Engineer on Anchorhead, C.3,956 BBY
- "I doubt the Empire would ever fight to keep this system."
               Blizzard                                              server
    ―Biggs Darklighter[src]
- "Tatooine is a nasty, useless little planet. The only noteworthy things about it are Jabba, and the pilots it produces year after year."
    Farstriders                               server                                                     Natural Order       goldspammers                                        

What's the definition though?

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Does it have to be your original server? How long do you need to be comitted here to get it?

I'm not opposed but hell even I'm a transfer. Tal is a native, but Stor came from Moon Guard originally, and I don't even remmeber now what my first characters servers were.

What does 'Significant time' mean? How is it something that simply doesn't go to everyone?

Would it make more sense to have a 'refugee' badge for people who transfered here, either from Cenarion Circle or Earthen Ring back in the Vanilla to BC transfer or transfered here with their main from another server either in a paid transfer, or a free window oftransfers? I mean most of us are refugees to some degree, but we also do ahve people who started here and haven't been other places.

Maybe a "local" bade, AND a "refugee" badge? Gotta be one or the other?


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if I did a local and a refugee badge, I"d probably have the local badge be that of a tusken raider, and the refugee badge be that of superman...


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i'd vote for Jawas..


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Jawas were also natives of Tatooine along with the Sandpeople.

i figured maybe because

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they were wandering scavengers..short, didn't speak the language..

not really permenant.

What we could do is come up

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What we could do is come up with 2 badges possible, Farstriders Native and a Farstiders Colonist (or settler or whatever)


Farstiders was created in Jan of 2007, so those of us who were here during that year could be descried as a native. (I started the game on this server on May of 2007 after a year hiatus).


Anyone who came after that can have the refugee badge.


How is that? Reason being I left it vague in the first place is what I consider a native somone else may not, was hoping for some feedback if you and others liked the idea.




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Transferred with Iel to play with Aeric, Mage, and Fiermi. Met you all while enroute to grab the summer fire on squid head island. =)

To further the defintion between native and refugee.

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These are my opinions mind you.


Native (Tuskan Raider): Anyone who came to this server during 2007 or who started their first character here.

Refugee (Superman): Anyone who came to this server after 2007 from a different server.


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I don't remember what year Iel and I transferred, 2008 maybe? XD

I like this idea

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Need to think more about what constitutes a native. This is my original server, been here since Dec. of 2007.

Proud to be a refugee

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I transferred over from Moon Guard, like others, back in Dec? Jan? I can't remember. I'll wear my Superman badge with pride though! :)

Us MG refugees need a badge...

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Something that says "I escaped Pornshire" or maybe just a mechanical squirrel... ;)


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A mechanical squirrel for us that escaped Moon Guard would rock.

Proud native.. started my

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Proud native.. started my first character here which was my hunter in late 2007 and my druid about 6 months later. I did leave for about a year and a half to travel about the wide realms but couldn't stay away..lol


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I can't remember exactly when I transfered here, I gotta see if there's somewhere that tells me that. But I did transfer here from Earthen Ring when BC first launched, Blizz was offering free transfers and Farstriders among a few others were still considered 'New' realms.

You Would Be

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Considered a native then Mr. Xyro.

I transfered here from Kirin

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I transfered here from Kirin Tor with the launch of BC and 1500 person queues to logon at peak times.  I transfered with Hallowed Arcana during the free transfer that year.


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Transferred to this server in the first week of Burning Crusade, which was when it first came online, to handle overflow from Earthen Ring, a then superpopulated server, since it's one of WoW's oldest. So technically I did transfer, but I transferred before most people had their characters, and Blizzard had the free thing setup.


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born and raised farstriders, and natural order. this has been my only guild and server for almost.. 5 years now?

Blizz Did It

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Farstriders is where Blizz planted me on Day 1.

I have a friend on Wrymrest  and they actual have intellectual discussions on Trade, use mostly RP names and WALK around in cities. Freaking weird.

How about a picture of either

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How about a picture of either hatians or the pickup truck on floats cubans like to use

Both my 80s were made here.

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In this wretched hive of scum and villainy.

My first toon was here

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... and all of my subsequent 80s were rolled here, except for the pally which started as a human on Ursin (PvP), and then became a Belf here. Now he's an awesomesauce Holy Cow.


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Greywalker was the first toon I ever made when I started WOW

Blizz planted me in Farstriders

im a

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moonguard surviver.

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