December 2011

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My Last Post For The Year!

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Happy New Year Everyone! :)




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I was just curious, is there a Leveling guide add-on to help speed leveling. The reason I ask is that I made an Ally warrior to level up to help with Haala mounts and stuff. I am asking also because my 5 year old son is haveing fun helping me level him, but it goes kinda slow with his help. Also is there anyone around that has a higher level Ally guild that he could join to help as well? I have all but like 2 hierloom pieces for him, so its going faster than usual but still, any help would be nice. Thanks!


Edit: Also want to make sure its legeal with Bliz!



How long

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... do you think til someone starts making add ons for swtor, or they put in their own features so we can manipulate the ui?

So I haven't dropped Slicing.

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This is a guy who's putting together a detailed analysis of his slicing missions.  Follow this, and you should still be able to steadily make money with slicing.  (Don't click the pre-nerf glory days link unless you want to be depressed.)

Also, keep in mind that slicing is a gathering skill too.  Make a habit of finding Empire quest areas on contested worlds, the ones filled with Republic-friendly mobs, and make the odd pass to fill your pockets from the free nodes.

It ain't the good old days, but it's still pretty useful.  :)

For you Tx. folks

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We went to the one here in Louisiana.  It's a lot of fun.

SWTOR: Crew Skills remote control...

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I may have to give this a go.  I think it would be awesome to be able to keep sending out my minions while I'm stuck at work or at the GF's parents house or something.

Zlatto’s Bazaar: Level Your Crew Skills Remotely

WAka...BtW, borderline Nsfw.

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At 9 hours 58 minutes, this guy is a beast!, I guess we all need Heros like Kibbles.

Mage shows off his booty!

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Epic Christmas loot - a new motherboard, CPU and RAM.

Of course this meant it was time for a complete system rebuild. My older Core2Quad Q6600 and G965 motherboard have been aging well for years now with upgraded GPU, RAM and solid state discs. But I've been at the limit for further upgrades for a while now. I was basically as far as I could go on the old 775 socket.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Is 'Fastest-Growing MMO Ever' With 1m Users

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Is 'Fastest-Growing MMO Ever' With 1m Users


Traditional family fun appears to have gone out of the window this Christmas.

Not only did thousands give up Boxing Day to go shopping, but more than 1m gaming fans apparently spent the festive season signing up for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

The massively-multiplayer online game (MMO) reported today that it snared its first 1m users in just three days after its 20 December launch.

SWTOR - Revan (Spoiler Alert)

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Probably one of my favorite flashpoints so far in the game, Malestorm Prison was challenging and fun. And you finally get to meet this guy :) From my understanding, Bioware continued the storyline from the book Revan here. I might have to give the book a looksee.

Btw, if there any doubters still about this game I hope this defuses them. Seriosuly, I can't recall a instance in any other game making my jaw left hagning open so to speak when I saw who started to talk in this cutscene. The people I was pugging (some great peeps I met on Hoth that I was grouping with for like 6+ hours) felt the same way :)