June 2011

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Progression 7/1

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If there's enough interest I would like to see Shannox attempted again. Probably won't see any raiding Monday due to it being the 4th.

So Your Cat Wants A Massage

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*Major Whisker Watch Alert!!*




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I'm out for just over a week as me and the GF are off to Yellowstone.  Parents have a cabin up that way just south of Jackson Hole, WY.  Gonna go do some camping and fishing, should be a good time since the GF has never been to ol' Jellystone Park.  Maybe we can find Yogi and grab a pic-a-nic basket or two!  See ya in a week guys!

Duke Nukem TV Show

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Anyone else remember this?

Fantasy Football 2011

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I believe Moo set this up last year and I'll leave it up to him if he wants to give it another go (I'm still a newbie). I'm writing this as just to see if we can hopefully get more interest this year because Yahoo's fantasy football season has started up.


For those of you who weren't around last year, Natural Order had their own fantasy football league. Unfortunately, only 6 people showed interest in it. So here is to cracking the whip early this year in getting more people to join. Last year was my first year in playing, and I enjoyed it (even though we all decided we did not have enough peeps in our league to make it "official").

So come on show some Natural Order spirit and let us know here if you would be interested in joining up!

Kib would pwn this game

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New EPGP amounts

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Updated this thread to reflect new EPGP amounts. Please read - thanks! :)

EP/GP Loot system

Guild Intro: Vindinator

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1)My Main

Name: Vindinator

Class: Paladin

Level: 85

Primary Spec: Holy

Off-spec: Ret

2)Alts: Udeadimo, 85 (assassination rogue), Cada, 85, (blood dk).

3) I just play wow :)

4) I think a good gamer is when a person is aware and knowledgable on content and helps other players reach the same level or awareness and progress in game.

5) If i were to rate myself i would say that i am about an 8 because i know how to do fight and can respond as necessary although i may not be fully capable of leading an entire raid alone.

Bioware Would Like To Continue Making Games For The Mass Effect Franchise

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My 2 cents, I would love if they did something like Freelancer. Or possibly start your own mercenary company and take on various missions. What I hope I don't see is them trying to make some MMO or just a straight FPS out of it.

A post quoted from another forum where it had been quoted from its original forum

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As we all know, Blizzard hates melee DPS. (If you don't know this, you probably wear a dress and stand behind the people doing the heavy lifting.[1]) I enjoyed this quote, and thought other people might also: