November 2010

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Pre-cata events on live?

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sounds like he Pre-cata events/quests have started up on live servers. Anyone confirm?

Thievery Corporation - Un Simple Histoire

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One of those songs I can listen off and on all day :)


Halloween shenanigans :)

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This Halloween was the best, and worst one ever. I went to Salem and spent the weekend at Mr. Kass's dorm, and it was pure madness everywhere. I made at least 50% of both our costumes, and was almost sick for the weekend, but everything pulled together last-minute and it was great, we even got into a witch museum for free because he knew a kid that was working outside of it :)

Aaaand this is us. In case someone will get our reference, we're Vincent and Dinah from a book called Bizenghast. I made my corset and hair things, and his tail coat (suuuch a biiitch) :)

Mage help

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Ok so I am not a big fan of the Hunter changes and post 4.0 I really dont even enjoy the hunter anymore which really sucks.  I'm debating making my mage my main since I am having a lot of fun with it.  Here are some issues for me I hope yall can answer...

Spec.. I was told frost is best to lvl and raiding is arcane.. this was pre 4.0 though so is this still true?  if arcane is better, when/what gear is needed to switch to this?

Rotation... Like shot rotations with the Hunter, is there a rotation you guys use for frost?  or just whatever comes up hit?

Macro's.... I am a fan of macro's.. Do you guys have any good ones for Frost?

Spec2... Do you guys have a specific build to max dps?  if so where do yall put points?

A good use for an old Mac

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I don't know if anyone here reads "Hack a Day" but they always have some real interesting projects posted on there.

This guy did an interesting mod to his old Macbook. I know we have some Mac users in the guild, and that a few of you have acess to your own source of old hardware. so here is a cool mod for you to try out!

Rally To Restore Sanity Closing Remarks

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So, uh, what exactly was this? I can't control what people think this was: I can only tell you my intentions.

This was not a rally to ridicule people of faith, or people of activism, or look down our noses at the heartland, or passionate argument, or to suggest that times are not difficult and that we have nothing to fear--they are, and we do.

New Raid Bosses!

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