Natural Order was founded in World of Warcraft in January of 2007 on the Farstriders server. Since then we have branched out to other games which we play together under the same banner. We are a casually serious guild. We have no requirement's of members other than they be over the age of 18, and not be a douche. We raid, but there is no requirement to how much you raid. We play games together, and real life comes first, but we just ask that we treat each other as real people. Drama free.

New website is up and running! Please re-register and update your URL's :)

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The new website is up and running. If you have not yet registered, please do so ASAP! Newly registered users are severely limited in what they can do on the board, but I am trying to approve current members as fast as possible. To expedite things, make sure you register with your game name or your name from the old forums. :)

You can access the website from either of the following URL's:

New website & redesign - NEW REGISTRATION REQUIRED

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Ok so, Tal and I had been talking about updating the website for a while, and today we decided to just go ahead and do it. The new site is all set up, and I'll be importing important threads, making posts etc. while he gets the URL's all redirected and stuff. We wanted to give you all a few days warning before we go live with it though, so consider this your heads up. :)

The URL is going to be a little different since I am hosting everything on my website and it was easier to leave it there rather than try to move it. Here's the deal:

Raid Materials Request Tracker

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I'm going to use this thread to track requests made for raid materials (ie. Blood Spirits) for crafted epics. Last expac, we charged GP for the use of raid mats to craft epic gear. That policy still applies for MoP, however I'm adding in a choice where if you reimburse the GB for the mats you used, then we'll refund the GP cost of the gear to you. 

If you'd like to request Blood Spirits for crafting epic gear, please post in this thread only. Requests are handled in the order received. In the event that there are not enough Blood Spirits to fulfill each request, we'll use your PR to determine the order.



**Sample request**

Name: Aristeniae

# of Blood Spirits: 5

Raid Attendance Tracker

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This thread is just for posting a log of who attended our raids, who sat, etc. We'll update it as needed. :)



Date: Tuesday, Oct. 23

Raid 1: Onceborn, Thrack, Tread, Aristeniae, Rayeck, Sindis, Love, Kongol, Pollygix

Raid 2: Zitah, Xoso, Taveth, Tartana, Sammael, Phreddie, Mobus, Ikuri, Icywar, Groztokk

Sat: Craxxle



Date: Wednesday, Oct. 24

Raid 1: Tread, Kongol, Icywar, Pollygix, Ikuri, Groztokk, Onceborn, Saintmicky, Taveth, Rayeck

Sat: Mobus, Cacciatore, Sindis



Date: Date: Thursday, Oct. 25

Raid 1: Tartana, Sammael, Icywar, Pollygix, Ikuri, Onceborn, Groztokk, Rayeck, Aristeniae, Taveth

Mists of Pandaria Raiding Plan

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MoP Raiding - Main Declaration Thread

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New thread since the old one was getting unwieldy, plus MoP is around the corner.

If you would like to raid with Natural Order, you will need to declare your Main Raiding character here. This is the character you will be asked to raid on for the time being. If you would like to switch your main in the future please speak with an officer (Presidium rank and up).

WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO RAID ON ONE CHARACTER and to keep raiding once you're geared to help other people gear up and defeat content.

Please list out your main character and spec, as well as your off spec if applicable.

Character name - Class - Primary Spec / Secondary Spec

How To Join Natural Order

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Applications now being accepted for World of Warcraft

Our application is really just an introduction, a more of a get to know you type thing, but we take it seriously. We don't care how geared you are, or your arena rating, or how many times you killed Ragnaros, Illidan, the Lich King, Hello Kitty or whomever. We aren't looking for a particular class or level of character for any particular game. We're looking for good and interesting PEOPLE we can play games with. This introduction is your way of letting us get to know YOU. If the only way you can define yourself is by what games you play and how awesome you are, you should stop reading and just not apply.


The Bacon Lettuce Biographies (ベーコンレタス列伝) A Game Where One Can Date Meat

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Once again Japan out does itself in gaming originality.


You can play it download it free here:



A Naruto Fighting Game Coming To Pc (And It Looks Awesome)

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Was never a Naruto fan, but those are some damn fine looking graphics.



The Aussies Know How To Make An Education Commercial Right. (NSFW Blood)

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Man the US education commercials are so stale when compared to this!


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